Sandal Gratitude

“Got my yoga sandals yesterday, thank you   I love them. In the summer all I wear is flip flops so these will probably be my new favs!!”
Carol J.
“Hey, I have these! They have lasted me 5 years and are retiring this year! I love them and wore them everywhere! They comformed perfectly to the shape of my feet! I could walk for hours and no foot pain! I actually need to order a new pair! Now I can share this with my friends that have asked where I got mine! They even look nice with Summer dresses! The support they give is even because the straps go between each toe! They are amazing sandals!”
“I bought my first pair of Yoga Sandals and was told I’d never take them off.  This is totally true!”
Judi Amos
“My sandals arrived yesterday and I just LOVE them! They are so comfortable and make my feet feel wonderful. I’m sure there will be more pairs in my future. Thanks Patti!”

“Love these sandals, can’t tell you how many times strangers have come up to me and asked me about them and where I got them.  Have terrible feet, partly genetic, partly because I used to LOVE heels, the higher the better.  These are the only sandals that work for me, wear them everywhere!”  Pat K.

“I think this is my 8th pair over the last couple years.  Love them.” Harry M.

“Excellent…my toes can hardly wait:-)”  Wendy N.
“I am very happy with the shoes.  They are very comfy and my feet feel good in them all day.  I bought them as house slippers and am happy that I did!”  Karen P.
“I just wanted to let you know I received my yoga sandals yesterday and absolutely love them.  Thank you for sending them so quickly!”  Carolyn H.
“This is my third order.  These sandals have straightened my curled toes and relieved my arthritic feet. I’m excited to try your slippers. Thank you for making such wonderful sandals available.”  Anne K.
“I just wanted to let you know how comfy my zebra yoga slippers are. I am very happy with the product and thought you would like to hear about it.”  Joyce M.
“After wearing them around the house for a day, my feet settled right in.   Can’t imagine life without yoga sandals!!”  J.L.
“I have what is referred to as increased muscle tone in one of my feet, as a result from a stroke I suffered as a preteen.  The effect this has on me is that it causes me to walk with my left foot sort of curled up so that I more or less am walking on my toenails…yes, it is quite painful.  Well,  when I wear the yoga sandals, the abnormal walking pattern of my foot is interrupted enough that it lets me walk pretty much flat footed!  I can’t tell you how amazing this is!”  H.T.
“Great customer service…any yoga item purchases will definitely be through you in the future.  Thanks so much…my feet love you!”  Kristie S.